My Clock

As anyone who has been to my office can tell you, I have a “thing” about clocks. It all started with one I bought at an art fair that was nothing more than a kit you get at Michael’s used to make an old hard drive controller card into a clock. But, then I saw a binary clock and bought it. Then I found a clock that is driven from computer boards and shows on old nixie tubes. And, I have a digital clock, but instead of numbers, it lights up squares in the four positions — oh yea, and the squares that are lighted change every second. I added one to our lab that runs backwards and has the line “think creatively” next to it. My clocks are fun. They don’t get me places any earlier, but they are fun none the less.

I had a birthday recently (and no, I won’t tell you how many). I want to brag about the gift my wonderful friend Margaret gave me — it was a clock. But, given my collection, not just any clock, would impress me! Margaret knitted me a clock as shown in the photo below.

She used all the colors I love and demonstrated her amazing knitting skills. I could not replicate this clock in a knitted form for all the tea in China.

But, look at the clock straight on as shown by the photo below. Do you notice anything about the numbers?

Yep, the numbers on this knitted clock are in binary! Isn’t that amazing? Can you make them out? Well, for those of you who cannot do binary quickly, I have given you a quick key below.

1: 0001
2: 0010
3: 0011
4: 0100
5: 0101
6: 0110
7: 0111
8: 1000
9: 1001
10: 1010
11: 1011
12: 1100

So Margaret gave me a perfect gift! It is a unique work of art. And, it has a technology theme. What could be better for me? The only thing better is a perfect friend — which, of course, Margaret is!


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2 Responses to “My Clock”

  1. Cauvery Says:

    Lovely… but dont you think the picture is flipped..

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